boomkats clothes exotic pole dance tutorial

8 Beginner Exotic Pole Dance Combos (Tutorial)

Is your next to-do task on your list somehow connected with Exotic pole dance?

If so, this post is for you as you’ll learn 8 simple Step-Around moves.

All that combined in 8 combos you can use with your heels on or off.

Get acquainted with Exotic Pole Dance

To dance Exotic pole or not to dance Exotic pole?

Times have changed. Once pole dancers only practicing a sport version are now trying to taste pole dance in heels. And they love it!

The steps and combos you’re about to learn are pretty basic, but they will fulfill all those awkward moments in your dance when you try to transition between two pole elements.

Your hostess is Lessandra Volk, the instructor who started with pole sport first and then explored Exotic pole dance until she found her own expressive style. She rocks in exotic competitions (she is semi-pro at Exotic Moon competition) and shares her dance knowledge and experiences at workshops and at her own online pole school.

8 Step-Around Moves

These 8 Step-Around Moves are a must. Probably the majority of them you already know, but combining them in a creative way with other moves will help you in your dance.

The level of this tutorial is a beginner one, but with added combos this can be challenging.

You will learn 8 Step-Around moves on a static pole, each of them will be combined in an inspiring combo. That means you’ll be also inspired by 8 short pole choreography combinations that you will be able to include in your sport or exotic pole routine!

As usual, all 8 Step-Around moves are writen below so you’ll gain better clarity. But all the visual explaining is done in a video you’ll find at the end of this post.

boomkats clothes exotic pole dance tutorial

This element is probably the most known in pole dance in general! We have all learned it and I am sure it was one of the first elements you have learned! Did you know that an incredible amount of variations could be done of that one simple basic element?

boomkats clothes exotic pole dance tutorial

This spins name sounds like it is very similar to the first one! But not let this mislead you. It’s completely opposite to what we know from the first one. Balance and speed are completely different!

boomkats clothes exotic pole dance tutorial

This third variation of Step-Around spin is very tricky. You will need to find the correct position of the body not to lose your backward spin. Have in mind that you do not want to grab the pole under knee, but still want to touch it. It still needs to be a spin.

boomkats clothes exotic pole dance tutorial

This one is the first element that is almost identical to the classical Step-Around we know. And yes, only direction of spin is different and of course, the leg we use for momentum. Enjoy!

boomkats clothes exotic pole dance tutorial

We all love transitions to the floor, right? This one is one of Lessandra’s favorite elements of how to get on the floor in the most elegant way and roll in front. Are you ready to try?

boomkats clothes exotic pole dance tutorial

Yaaaas I love this one! It is definitely a must element if you love leg décor. You land on the floor in an ideal position to start doing leg circles right away. And of course, it is a great way how to get on the floor. Let’s dance!

boomkats clothes exotic pole dance tutorial

If you are into sport or art pole dance then you are already familiar with this element. But what about that transition to the knee? Of course, don’t forget about falling from the chest to gain speed and straighten your momentum leg! Good luck.

boomkats clothes exotic pole dance tutorial

Oh, this knee spin is amazing!  Especially if you love to show off your flexibility and your long legs. It is a rotational element with a leg switch. Try it!

If you’re anxious to begin with practice, just jump at the end of a post to see the video tutorial – but if you’re curious what we advise you regarding the pole attire, read on.

Pole Apparel That Will Help You Own The Place

Boomkats Knee pads

Knee Pads are not obligatory, of course. But they will help you save your knees in a style. No bruises, no red skin and no pain. Go all out with your crazy knee drops and floorwork for 2 hours and you won’t feel a thing! And our Knee Pads are SLIM – not bulky at all!

We advise you to have the ones Lessandra is wearing because they’ll protect your knee in the most perfect manner. Highly recommended!

boomkats pole dance knee pads blacklace2
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boomkats clothes exotic pole dance knee pads

Beehive Knee Pads mimic the natural shape of the knee joint thus offering comfort. AND they stay in place!

boomkats clothes exotic pole dance knee pads

Knee Pads cover and protect:
• your knee cap,
• your ligaments AND
• upper part of the tibia.
PLUS stabilize the joint!

boomkats clothes exotic pole dance knee pads

With grippy apreture at the back Knee Pads stick to the pole.

boomkats clothes exotic pole dance knee pads

Get the Knee Pads once, and change Knee Sleeves with every pole outfit.

Exotic Shoe Platform Protectors

Believe me when I say that the pain is real when you scratch your Pleasers. It hurts like hell! And you will scratch them!

The only thing you can do to avoid hurting them (and yourself) is to put on the Exotic Shoe Platform Protectors.

They’ll protect your gorgeous pole dance shoes and the platform from getting scratched or scraped. These high-quality pole dance shoe protectors are reversible and perfect for any floor work and exotic pole dance.

As the fabric is stretchy (in all four ways), it can be pulled onto any platform, up to 5 inches! Do you have a shorter platform? No problem – just pulled them onto the toe of the shoe or better yet – fold them over.

Boomkats Exotic Shoe Platform Protector
Boomkats Exotic Shoe Platform Protector
Boomkats Exotic Shoe Platform Protector

Takeaway: 8 Exotic Pole Dance Moves & Combos in a Video

This moves and combos are the best beginner introduction to Exotic Pole Dance, so enjoy to the fullest. Whether it will be with your heels on or off.

Have fun!

Want some more?

If you love Lessandra’s tutorial as much as we do, we encourage you to take her online lessons. You can check out everything at her online pole school. And after taking her lessons, you could dance choreos just like these ones…

Did you try all these 8 step around moves? In combos also? How did it go? Comment below!


omkats clothes exotic pole dance tutorial
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