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Pole emotion is a festival, a celebration of strength and grace. An endless dance levitation on a pole that causes an emotional hurricane of new feelings. And this year was successfully held for the 2nd time. In Riga.

So I couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk with Jana Vinokurova, the organizer of this important event with nothing but the greatest ranking.

Pole Dance Baltic festival

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Aleksandrova Ekaterina, 1st prize “Show-emotion: art professional”

I read that the primary vision of Pole Emotion Festival is the popularization of pole dance in Riga and Baltic countries and to encourage the healthy lifestyle through sport. Do you think that we still, after all this time, have to tell the people that pole dance (and especially exotic pole dance) is a sport and not some immoral activity?

Pole Dance started developing in Latvia and Baltic countries quite recently, not more than 5 years. My studio FEEL GOOD: Pole Dance & Workout was the first one in Riga with professional equipment, professional coaches and professional approach to the training process. The first year we spent popularizing this kind of dance and sport, dispelling the stereotype that: if you dance around a pole, then you are a stripper. At the present moment after 4 years and 2 festivals – we needn’t prove something. But: there are as many opinions as many people. Sometimes I meet some people, who believe, that Pole Dance is from the category of perversion and lust. 🙂

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Alyona Amber, 1st prize “Exotic-emotion: semi pro

Every year the festival has more attendees. Are majority of them from Baltic countries or do they come also from the rest of Europe? How well is the festival know to the rest of the world?

Pole Emotion is a unique project in Baltic countries and the largest Pole Dance festival in Europe. In 2017 we got more than 100 applications of dancers, who wanted to participate in a festival in February. Consequently, 52 dancers participated in the final from 11 countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, and Israel.

The festival gained much of its popularity through beautiful photography (his name is Yury Bote, right?) that was spread throughout the social media. Was that planned… that picture tells far more than words? Or was it some genius marketing plan behind it [laugh]?

Festival couldn’t become popular all over the world due to photos only. The photographer works with the already prepared show. Participants in show organization are professionals: me and my partner Ilona Kozhechenkova as representatives of the organization committee, group of volunteers, group of make-up artists, group of sound and light operators, professional photographer and a group, which ensures broadcasting on the Internet. In 2017 it was the group @Poleranking. And the most important, what photographer has an opportunity to eternalize, is – a professional performance of festival participants. All this together – that’s what it makes a marketing strategy.

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Olga Nabatova, 2nd prize in “Art-emotion: semi pro

“Pole Emotion” on one side and “Pole Theatre” on the other. They both encourage emotions and expression. Can you tell us the difference between two of them?

Every event is different from another like one man differs from another. Seemingly hands and legs, heads and body- everything is similar. But characters are different. Thousands of events happen all over the world and to compare them – isn’t a meaningful occupation. If we talk about differences between Pole Emotion and Pole Theatre – these are two absolutely different events conceptually: there must be a particular story performed on the stage in Pole Theatre, participation without it is impossible. In Pole Emotion manifestation of emotions and feelings is important and ability to deliver it to the group of judges and audience.

Pole emotion has several categories. Art emotion, Exotic emotion, and Show emotion. An amateur pole dancer sees but little difference between these categories. What are the major differences and of course conditions for a pole dancer to enter the competition in these categories?

In Art Emotion Art Emotion very important role plays such aspects as art vibes – highly artistic performance or powerful and inspirational performance, attractive storyline and original flow.

In Exotic Emotion a huge attention is given to exotic vibes, individual performance style, expression of sensuality, sexuality and original flow.

In Show Emotion judges evaluate performance from the point of view of show position: interesting solutions in сhoreographу, in costumes, use of interesting requisite and ability to make a mini-spectacle on the stage.

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Sasha Meow

There is a float of pole events and each day new are rising. What values gives this festival to the pole community in comparison to the rest of the events?

Pole Emotion – it is all the best in the world of Pole Dance! Best stage, best sound, best video, best pole dancers, best sponsors – this is all about Pole Emotion!

You yourself are also known as a great pole teacher and a trainer. Girls you teach they love you a lot, trust you and accept your guidance without a doubt. You help them with psychology, with choreography and bring the best out of them. As an owner of the largest pole dance studio in Riga and with such a brought knowledge, your organization of this festival didn’t give you any hard time, right?

From the very beginning, I clearly understood, how the festival should look like! Using all my knowledge and experience (I have a Master’s Degree in Public Relations and Advertising), I moved to the clearly identified aim- to make the best Pole Dance event in Baltic countries and Europe. Due to my supportive group of people with the same views, who trust me as a professional- I managed to do it!

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Pavel Grigorev, 2nd prize “Man-emotion: professional”

I’m sure you have some projections for 2018. What is the expectation for next year? Are the famous judges already known?

Pole Emotion 2018 – will be better, more professional, more interesting – both for participants and for the audience. We will make some corrections in the conception of the festival and will add 2 new categories. At the present moment, we’re negotiating with some world stars of Pole Dance. But for now, we will leave this information in the secret up to a specific moment. Follow our announcements in social web pages.

And your plans for the future? To expand the popularity of franchise system in the western world maybe?

It’s true that we negotiate about franchising with some countries. But it’s too early to talk about it. In personal plans- I intend to open the second studio in Riga for making professional training more available to everyone.

I thank you for this interview and wishing you that the Pole emotion gains popularity also in the rest of the world and that this festival gives us great pole rising stars that will inspire us endlessly.

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Anastasija Lukina

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