Tea Srsen

boomkats brand ambassador tea srsenn
Boomkats Brand Ambassador

Tea started pole dancing at the beginning of 2014 at the age of almost 28 years, after her fiance’s urging. Immediately at the first class, she fell in love with the pole. Soon she began to practice pole dance every day at home while at the same time learning other aerial arts such as aerial silk and lyra. Soon she became an instructor, and at the end of August 2016.  opens her own studio Star House pole dance and aerial arts.

Although she has never participated in some pole dance competition, she’s known for her signature tricks since 2015. Almost all of her tricks enjoy tremendous popularity, for example Chest press, Double knot, Spider, Spleen and Tear.
She finds the greatest compliment when other dancers think she has been doing ballet or gymnastics since the truth is just the opposite – she has no sport or dance background. Her motto is “Work hard, dream big, do bigger” and with her example, she encourages people to believe in their self and their dreams.

FB: tea.srsen
IG: teasrsen