Valentine’s ultimate pole dance gifts guide

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Pole dance gifts  – treat yourself or your loved ones with this specially selected gifts for pole dancers!


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We got hundreds of votes on Instagram! So this is a result of voting you’ve made.
A specially created Valentine’s edition by YOU for YOU!
Now available on pre-order.

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Unicorn, Kiss, Wink… be shamelessly bold. With this pole wear you can’t miss.
You’ll find them in all sizes. From XS to XXL.

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We adore those furry babies! So this is for all the cat persons that pole dance.
You’re purrrfect! Will you be my Valentine?

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For that inevitable allure that happens when you take a spin on a pole
for the first time. You’re in love.

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Put that pole shoes on and make some heel clacks. Because my gym shoes rock!

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Everything 20 € or under. How great is that?!?

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All of our pole wear comes in a gift box. So all you have to to is just put a bow on it and you’re ready to send a gift to your pole sister!

boomkats pole dance gifts guide


I ordered my first set from Boomkats and I got my cute package within 7 days, which is really fast! I am usually size M, and both the shorts and the top are a perfect match. Love the fabric and the colours, fits so well. <3 And it’s a swimwear too!
I used it for the whole week in Morocco on my Surfing retreat and when I got back home, I was back on the pole with the same set! You can’t go wrong with that! Good quality and great service. Thank you so much, can't wait to order another outfit to rock the beach and pole studio this year. 🙂


pole dance and boxing yoga coach
Absolutely love my pole shorts and leggings I bought from Boomkats! Great quality, easy online ordering system and really good customer service. I was lucky enough to meet the lady behind the brand and I can say with absolute certainty that a lot of love and care goes into her products. Highly recommended 🙂


pole dancer and performer
Just today I've received my order and I'm unbelievable satisfied! Pole shorts fit perfectly - just like they were made for me (and they're even more beautiful in real than in photos). The added personal note and the gift box… well, this is just a cherry on top of the cake! Thank you for offering such a good products and professional customer service. For sure I'll order again!


pole dancer
Amazing boot sleeves! They can jazz up even the daggiest pole shoes or your favorite ones. They fold up into the tiny little box. They fold up really really small. They’re perfect for the showgirl that’s running from gig to gig and doesn’t wanna take ten thousand different pairs of shoes. They’re coming in all different colors, they got interchangeable laces and … they stick to the pole! I love them!


creative director at Bobbis Pole Studio Sydney and Miranda
I love the fit of my Boomkats shorts and they still look great after being washed so many times. And the customer service was great! I've got all my question answered quickly and the delivery only took 2 or 3 days! I love your authentic pictures on social media and I'm so thankful for your help to get some special shorts for my professional shooting.
I think Boomkats designs are unique and special and make pole training even more fun. I can't wait to see the new designs to order again! I love the spirit and the passion that is behind the Boomkats pole wear.


pole dancer
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