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Just place your unique link to your FB page, your website or wherever you prefer. Lean back and enjoy the money you’ve made with no work. The more customers you send us, the more money you make! How cool is that!

Boomkats Affiliate party


Boomkats Affiliate 10

Simply register in BOOMKATS Affiliate Program. Once your registration is approved you will gain access to online banners with your unique link. These banners you simply add to your website. When a visitor to your website visits  through the banner link and makes a purchase, you will earn a 10% start up commission. No work from your side is involved. You will be able to track the sales which were generated with your help. Commission will be sent to your Paypal account or credit card.


Boomkats Affiliate cookie

It’s easy! Place your unique link to on your social media account, your website or wherever you prefer. We keep cookies active for 30 days. So, if someone finds us because of your referral and they don’t buy that day, that’s ok! As long as they come back within 30 days with our tracking cookie to make their purchase, you get the credit!

Boomkats Affiliate custom

With the BOOMKATS Affiliate Program you’ll gain access to online banners, eye-catching photos and graphics that you simply add to your website with your unique link. You want custom made banners? No problem! Just send us your request by email.


Our Affiliate Program


Commission Type: 10% Pay-per-Sale for each sale you deliver

Payout Requirements: 20.00 € – Minimum balance required for payout

Discount policy: 0% discount on each purchased item