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Aerial leggings

Boomkats leggings are incredibly comfy and flatter the belly. Wear them at any workout and with the unique graphic print you won’t be left unnoticed. The beauty is that you can combine them with many Boomkats tops and thus create your unique look. They're perfect for training handstands, aerial silk hammock routine and of course aerial hoop!

The material

The material that our Boomkats leggings are made of, is high-quality tear-proof fabric that allows frequent washing. It has great stretch and shape retention and does not shrink. The fabric is crease-free, breathable, and absorbs little moisture. It's soft and firm at the same time. That's why we can honestly say that our pole wear is like a second skin!
The material allows durability and high colorfastness. That's why you can wash our Boomkats pole wear again and again. Our fashionable printed graphic will never fade away!
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