Reveal your inner Diva with BOOMKATS Pole Wear!

Boomkats is a rising brand of pole wear offering flattering and comfortable outfits for you to feel trendy, free, and gorgeous during your workout or performance.

Our three collections: Colour, Black & White and Glamour offer a unique style for every pole dancing woman. The unique fashionable graphic prints and models were created by a pole dancer for a pole dancer. And even more – BOOMKATS pole wear is cleverly designed so that you can mix & match the tops and shorts and thus show off your personality and style.

Do you know who the real Diva is?
At Boomkats we believe that every woman that steps out of her comfort zone, courageously deals with her ups and downs and expresses the best side of her personality with inner beauty and grace is a true Diva.

BOOMKATS helps your inner Diva come alive!

All models have a cheeky cut, while hiding what is supposed to be hidden. As they have no waistband, no muffin tops will appear – and a flattering figure to every woman is guaranteed.

Our models give you maximum support and are suitable not just for pole dancing, but also for yoga, surfing, sup, running or other types of workout …

Look good, feel great and let your Boomkats pole wear reveal the real Diva that is hiding within you!

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