BOOMKATS is a brand of clothes for pole dance with custom, all over printed graphics. Unlike ordinary colored pole wear, our specially designed graphics match your pole personality and body shape.

Everything you need to embrace your pole persona and reveal the confident you.

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Did you know?

boomkats pole dance clothes
boomkats pole dance clothes

Did you know that the number of  BOOMKATS fans has doubled in one year alone? We must be doing something right!

You wear our pole clothes in more than 45 countries, on all 6 continents!

Please, let us know what keeps you coming back for more. This enables us to continue providing the best experience possible for you and helps other pole dancers understand how can BOOMKATS make their life easier.

Pole wear in a gift box

Mix & Match it!

All of our pole wear comes in a gift box. So all you have to do is just put a bow on it and you’re ready to send a gift to your pole sister! You want to get inspired? Click here for the Ultimate Pole Dance Gift Guide.

Not all pole wear combinations are shown in this video. So take a look at our flip-through Catalog where you’ll find all BOOMKATS pole wear and pole accessories. Like that you’ll get loads of ideas on how to mix and match yourself.

Pole stars wearing BOOMKATS

boomkats pole wear natasha wang

Natasha Wang

boomkats pole wear marion crampe

Marion Crampe

boomkats pole wear alyona amber

Alyona Amber

boomkats pole wear chilli rox

Chilli Rox

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boomkats pole wear natasa

Natasha Belic

boomkats pole wear lesllie

Leslie Lili

boomkats pole wear tea

Tea Srsen

boomkats pole wear suncana

Suncana More