Suncana Paro Vidolin

boomkats brand ambassador suncana
Boomkats Brand Ambassador

Suncana has experience with sensual and art form of pole dance and is a pole dance instructor since 2012. When competing for the first time – at Pole Theatre 2014 – she immediately won Pole Comedy category and also was an Overall winner.

Her creativity is boundless and she is well known for her creation of body pole grip called Hydro Attack. It’s a natural product that deals with dry skin problems, nurturing your skin to become more healthy but also instantly giving you perfect grip for pole. As a fashion designer she has created Sunray Harness which is basically body jewelry for naughty romantics. Even if you’re not a fan of bondage look you’ll probably find this designs more than beautiful.  As she is incurably creative she’s dreaming of her next competition as a chance to share her passion with you all.

Would you like to pay her a visit? She’s working at the best studio with the most amazing people so if you’re ever in the neighborhood you should definitely give her a visit at K-team

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IG: hydroattackpole
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Pole Theatre Croatia 2014
– 1st place in comedy category
– 1st place – overall winner