boomkats reviews 5

Thank you so much for this pole wear its a pleasure to wear it and I love it ??. Also there was no problems with the sending and it was very quick here.

Thank you so much

Sandra Z.

boomkats reviews 5

I received the package and everything fits perfectly. I am very happy. Due to your clever thinking, I did not have to pay customs thank you very much.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year,

Mara B.

boomkats reviews 5

My cat shorts just came in & I just wanted to tell you how freaking PURRFECT they are!!  I love them so much ?


Anneke R.

boomkats reviews 5

I’ve just arrived home from my travels and the package was delivered and waiting for me? it is such a beautiful set and I love how soft the soft fabric is, I can’t wait to wear it ?


Monika M.

boomkats reviews 5

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhà Masha! I’m going yo camp out by my mailbox now, love! I’m so happy!  Yay! It’s early Xmas! I’ll send pics as soon as I can pry them out of the packaging and out of my hands!❤❤❤??????Thanks so much! You’re my favorite line of pole clothing!  Amazing job on all you do!


Keri P.

boomkats reviews 5

I ordered my first set from Boomkats and I got my cute package within 7 days, which is really fast! I am usually size M, and both the shorts and the top are a perfect match. Love the fabric and the colours, fits so well. ❤ And it’s a swimwear too!

I used it for the whole week in Morocco on my Surfing retreat and when I got back home, I was back on the pole with the same set! You can’t go wrong with that! Good quality and great service. Thank you so much, can’t wait to order another outfit to rock the beach and pole studio this year. ?

Katarina H.

boomkats reviews 5

The delivery went very quickly to Belgium! 🙂

I couldn’t wait to open the package, despite the fact that I am at the office. I have just tried on one of the sets and it fits perfectly and the quality seems very good, thank you! With the promo code for a free shipment at the next order, you will for sure hear again from me at the next collection 😉 And again thank you very much for the wrist band!

Have a nice day!

Kind regards,

Jessica L.

boomkats reviews 5

Wonderful customer service. You have whatsapp contact as you purchase your order. It takes a week to arrive in Italy, very fast  🙂
I absolutely adore my unicorn set ♥️♥️♥️ it fits perfect, even if I’m not a top model (nor a top dancer)

Sissi S.

boomkats reviews 5

My wonderful pole gear arrived on Thursday … Just in time for me to try it on (and try it out) before my pole lesson on Saturday morning!

Ad always, a perfect fit, and the most comfortable outfit, with the added bonus of being just that bit different to anything else I’ve seen in Australia.

My pole instructor loved the printed outfit and the gold straps was so impressed with the knee pads, I as m sure she will be getting  some for herself ?

Thank you, as ever, it’s great receiving such fantastic clothing, and getting so much great feedback .?

Look forward to placing my next order,


Cassandra  J.

boomkats reviews 5

My package arrived very quickly (like 2 business days), so thank you very much for that! 🙂 I already had it on my pole dance practice, and my teacher was all „eyes out“  😀 So I am really unique in the pole dancer’s group here in Brno 🙂

As for the size, I think I might need smaller size of shorts, but I am slightly afraid that it might be not enough, so I don’t want to return current ones so I have some I can do my trainings in 🙂

It’s slightly different feeling as I was used to train in normal non-specialized shorts, but I am getting used to that 😀 maybe I will treat myself in January, as I have birthday on 2nd 😀

And I already recommended you to my teacher, as she is our „kitty“, that’s her second name, and you have perfect top for her, with Meow on the back 😀 Same as my other friend, saying „I just fell in love with that“ 😀

Shopping experience was perfect, I really got help from you when needed, so thaaaanks for that! And what I love about your brand is that it is unique!

Before black friday, I was searching a lot of pole-wear brands, but all except yours (and Dragonfly), all were „the same“, reminding me of a wear for some night club, not the training I am doing. And when I compare you to other brands, you have very unique design, which is playful and refreshing. And I like that the panties I have are „high waist“ as I am not a model and need to hide some kilos 😀

Cheers !

Monika H.

boomkats reviews 5

Hello Masha,  I have received the package today.  The items are BEAUTIFUL and such nice quality. Love, Love, Love these beautiful unique pieces.

Mary A.

boomkats reviews 5

I received the package and saw how beautiful the products were. The fabric feels very good on the skin and everything fits perfectly.

I’m already looking forward to ordering a next set as soon as possible. 🙂

Karo G.

boomkats reviews 5

I received my sticky pole leggings today and I cannot wait to try them out tomorrow! Thank you for the wonderful and personable customer service. Doing business with you is amazingly pleasant, darling.

Pole ❣,

Laken W.

boomkats reviews 5

I just received my top just now !! It is beautiful and great quality, thank you so much ! I waited exactly a month to receive it, but the wait was worth it ! 🙂

Jessica A.

boomkats reviews 5

Thank you for the beautiful Christmas set. I loved the little attention you added in the package, it makes me smile and is so appreciated.

Céline V.

boomkats reviews 5

I received my package and I love it <3
Thank you so much. The skirt is beautiful and the kneepads very comfy.

Much Love
Anne R.

boomkats reviews 5

I like Masha’s job – not just the clothing – as it is obvious that she works with her heart – I received so nice package in a paper box (not a plastic bag!), cute message and really cool top and shorts).  <3 I always appreciate job like this one. ?

Jarmila H.

boomkats reviews 5

I’ve just received the package.

It’s so beautiful and the size is so perfect!!! I’ll wear it tonight for my pole class! I’m sure that my pole friends will love it!

Thank you for everything !

Marion G.

boomkats reviews 5

When I put the shorts on for the first time I was shocked how much of my butt is peeping out ??? . But we’ll work on confidence and self-esteem ?. Shorts are beautiful, the size is right. If they would be padded at the crotch I would wear them also as a swimwear  ??

The shopping experience and customer service were great – without any problem. Definitely I will recommend and buy again.

I love that it’s made in Slovenia. And I love that the models are real, next door girls. Love the option of custom printing, although I’m not sure I would print my cat on shorts  ?

Polona H.

boomkats reviews 5

Everthing is perfect. I’m a little Woman (1.55m) with 60 Kilo. The M size of the panty fits absoluty good. The top is a little bit top big at the carrier. Iu is no problem for me, i can sew it.

Online shopping experience and service were user-friendly ? and I would recommend this to a friend in the Pole Studio. Of course, I will buy again!

I like about this brand that it is easy, small and personally. And not a big company.

Evelyn S.

boomkats reviews 5

I got the package, clothes fit me like second skin!

Maybe the shorts are a bit high, but otherwise they’re ok… I have photoshooting this Saturday and I think I’ll get very nice souvenier out of it.

I expected to be able to shop in Slovenian language – or maybe this option exist?

I’ll recommend your e-shop to my pole friends. I wish you many more creative ideas, beautiful clothes and a great brand recognition with high sales in Slovenia and in the rest of the world.

Tanja B.

boomkats reviews 5

I loved that the clothes arrived in a nice box with a personal note; It’s something small, but it’s appreciated.

I’m very happy that the prints are just as nice as they look on picture. So are the clothes in general actually. (Nothing as disappointing as ordering clothes that look lovely and then when you open the package, it’s one big disappointment.)

White shorts fit nicely and I love the prints, but the fabric starts rolling up as soon as you move, both on the legs as well as around the waist.

I missed some fillings in the top, but maybe that’s personal. However, to me they seem very tight for a size M (which normally always fits for me).

Overall: Nice personal service, good quality at first sight, you get what you order, so I already have good feedback about you to my group of pole babes 😉

Kindest regards,

Ivy J.

boomkats reviews 5

Aloha Masha,

the package has arrived and I was super excited and happy with it! I want to tag you all the time in everything I do in it ????

My shopping experience was very smooth and youʻve been exeptionell at customer service!! I was always taken care of with questions I had and was guided through the whole process with much care and detail!

I can read the passion and love you put into your clothes and in your service through every contact I have with you, from your interactions on social media and from your newsletter! I feel seen and personally addressed which makes me want to share everything with you and with others! The amount of work and commitment you have is extraordinary!!! The product is of a great quality and very comfortable to wear! The size fits perfectly and I use it on the pole and for regular fitness training! When I wear it, there is a guaranteed reaction of people to it! Clothes of a certain quality attract compliments and your products are a ? guaranteed compliment catcher – failproof!! ????

Your designs are classy, versatile, comfortable and fashionable!! I would completely recommend you to friends or suggest to retail you in their studios! The challenges you host are of the best quality and for athletes like myself, without a teacher, they are very valuable and a great way to learn pole moves online!

This is more of a gratitude essay, instead of a testimonial, but it shows how much of a pleasure it is to connect with you and your brand!

You are doing an outstanding job and itʻs been a pleasure since the first day of interaction with you ?❤️???


Victoria R.

boomkats reviews 5

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s amazing!  My pole sisters will also start ordering as they will need more pole clothes very soon.

Tadeja K.

boomkats reviews 5

Absolutely in love with the set, fit perfectly, very comfy. I love it. Here is a picture of how it looks on me. Thank you very much, love

Alianna V.

boomkats reviews 5

I found out now through the give away and i looked at the items and they are unique and fabolous ? i recommend ? ? ? ? ? ?

Grazia M.

boomkats reviews 5

Amazing prints and models of tops & panties.
You can choose them by yourself, so you have your own unique printed polewear. ?

Miriam S.