Boot Sleeves

NEW!!! BOOT SLEEVES for pole dance

Are you using
pole dance shoes?

And you always dreamed of dancing in pole boots?

Now is the time to turn all your pole shoes into sexy boots in a snap!

Easy. With Boot Sleeve!


You don’t have to buy pole boots.

These boot sleeves can be worn on any kind of heels or even barefoot.

Not only do they look fantastic they’ll elongate your legs even more!

Better than the regular pole boots!


  •  You can turn ALL your pole SHOES in pole boots.

  •  You get multiple combinations to wear.

  •  You can wear them barefoot (or with flat shoes).

  •  You get your ideal size with shoelaces.

  •  Heel clacks won’t hurt your new Boot Sleeves.

  •  When regular pole shoes get a bit damage, your Boot Sleeves stay as new.

They won’t tear nor peel off.


The material they’re made off does not tear nor peel off.

Plus, they’re not under such as a strain as the front part of pole dancing shoe platform.

That’s why their life expectancy is much longer than some other products in the market. And we tested them long enough to be sure of that.

Plus, they’re handmade in EU. heart

They grip to pole like crazy.

Boot Sleeves are made out of fine latex like fabric that grips the pole like crazy.

They help you grip while protecting your feet during painful moves like Remi sit or climbing.

And even barefoot when using Boot Sleeve you can easily make Cupid.

There are 4 colors
to choose from.

Boot Sleeves are available in

  • black,

  • white,

  • red and

  • pink color.

And you can pick the color of the shoelace too!

Yes. Boot Sleeves have one disadvantage.

Once you’ll put them on, they will seriously elongate your legs, improve your leg grip and will make you feel like a hottie.

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Listen to what Chilli Rox has to say about the Boot Sleeves:

Here’s what Chilli Rox thinks about the Boot Sleeves:

Amazing boot sleeves! They can jazz up even the daggiest pole shoes or your favorite ones. They fold up into the tiny little box. They fold up really really small. They’re perfect for the showgirl that’s running from gig to gig and doesn’t wanna take ten thousand different pairs of shoes. They’re coming in all different colors, they got interchangeable laces and … they stick to the pole! I love them!

Chilli Rox, creative director at Bobbis Pole Studio Sydney and Miranda, winner of Professional Comedy Champion at Pole Theatre Sydney and international judge

ORDER now!

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