Custom Printed Activewear


Don’t You Dream Of Having Sports Wear Branded With Your Logo? 

And For All Your Instructors As Well? 
What If You Could Choose Any Colors Or Graphics You’d Like?
With The Help Of Professional Designer Who Will Take Care Of All The Production And Manufacturing?
– – –

You worked so hard to get your own studio! Now it’s time to become more recognizable. 

Because your recognition should match your hard work, right?

We know how it is to grow your brand and visibility from start. When the resources are limited and the days are not long enough to do all the work.

That’s why we’re here to help you gain and grow your brand recognition with our custom printed activewear.

We Love Our Customers, They Love Us Back!

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We work with people from all around the world

boomkats pole dance clothes
boomkats pole dance clothes
Did you know that the number of  BOOMKATS fans has doubled in one year alone? We must be doing something right!
You wear our clothes in more than 45 countries, on all 6 continents!

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Want a “Sneak Peek” Behind The Scenes…?
Watch me walk you through exactly how
BOOMKATS custom printed activewear is made!

Who Is This Custom Printed Wear For?


  For anyone who wants to have branded clothing for as small quantity as only 1 piece

  For anyone who wants to stay on a budget: clothes will never look worn and colors will never fade away thanks to our amazing technology and fabric. These clothes will last for years!

  For all creative souls with big ideas, but with a lack of time or possibilities.

  For a studio owner who wants to gain visibility, motivate instructors and strengthen the studio community.

  For a freelance instructor who wants to become more recognizable and to increase the authority.

  Perfect for branding your Insta posts without being too pushy.

Who Are We?

Meet Masha, the founder and the graphic designer of BOOMKATS pole wear.

She has over 20 years of experience in graphic design and art direction. She serves clients all over the world and executes a select number of graphic prints each year with the utmost creativity and personalized service.
That’s why she will personally take care of the whole process of creating your custom printed activewear so you’ll get exactly what you want.
– – –

Whether you find yourself in the very beginning stages of your clothes vision, or come equipped with endless inspiration – Masha’s eye for design and attention to detail will contribute to a cohesive and refined printed wear. Always focusing on making your clothes A REFLECTION OF YOU.

You’ll communicate directly with her via email / DM or over the phone when necessary.

She and her whole team in the manufacturing process will make sure that the clothes you’ve always dreamt of will be just like you’ve imagined… Looking fine and dandy.

Got any questions? Send her an email at She’ll reply in 24 hours.



I'm still not sure how this creative process will really look like.

Yes, the whole process can be challenging and overwhelming if you aren’t sure how to get started. That’s why we’ll send you a detailed PLANNING PROCESS. Just send us an  e-mail and we’ll guide you step by step.

In just 5 days you’ll be having your final draft of your clothes.

How can you assure me that the logo won't be all cracked after I wash the clothes several times?

We can assure you it will stay of the same quality as the first day even after several years due to advanced printing technology. Colors can not be washed away and will never fade away even if you dry or leave clothes on bright sunlight. That’s why you can use our wear also as a swimwear.

I have trouble finding the right size and the model of tops. How can I choose the one that will fit me?

A detailed chart size will be given to you once you decide for our customized wear.

We have several models of tops and shorts. You can choose also leggings, men shorts, t-shirts, mini dresses. And many more models are being made. As our goal is to make models that fit almost any body type, you’re able to choose also from XS to XXL sizes. We’re offering also special sizes, specially made for gals with bigger busts. 

What is the price for this kind of personalize wear?

We have 2 price packages you can choose from. The BASIC and the PREMIUM.

We’ll send you the price list. Don’t be shy – just drop us a line via e-mail.

Why can't I see the prices right away?

As the price depends on the number and type of clothes you want, we can’t calculate prefixed prices in advance.

But we can send you a detailed price list of both packages (Basic and Premium) once you share your ideas with us. Therefore send us an e-mail of what you have in mind and Masha will respond to you within 24 hours. But as we promised – there’s no need for breaking the bank!

Is it really possible to order just one piece of customize clothing?

Yes, sure 🙂 You can order just one. Or order several. As you wish and as your budget allows you. You can order one first and then reorder again.

Can you print any image?

That’s right! We at Boomkats can print any image, any photo or any color.

However, we don’t check if you are the owner of the picture you intend to use, because we believe that you respect copyrights. But if you don’t, remember that copyright infringement is a crime.

What material do you use?

Detailed information about the material, as well as the size chart and washing instructions can be found in any product description.

How can I order?

Just send us an e-mail – tell us your idea or wish and we’ll send you all the details about the process, payment and delivery.

Got any questions?

Call us on Viber or WhatsApp: +386 41 744 290

Ready to have your
first draft in 5 days?