boomkats aerial hoop poses

8 Stunning Aerial Hoop Poses [Any Pole Dancer Can Do]

If you’ve ever admired stunning photos of aerialists on a hoop, now is your chance to inspire yourself to do the same, regardless of your hoop virtuosity. Aerial hoop poses in this post are easy enough that any of you – pole dancers – can achieve them, if you just give yourself a chance. Just be sure to take a friend along who will help you master them.

If you had already mastered the aerial hoop, you’ll find these poses equally beautiful… Because less is more.

And we all know that all of our non-pole friends admire all our poses and moves, especially the one from beginner level…  Because less is more.

So if they’re stunned by your pole photos, now it’s time to surprise them with the ones where you’re crushin’ it with a hoop.

So let’s inspire ourselves!

Aerial Hoop Guidance

The hostess of this photo hoop guide is lovely Alice aka @aerial.aalis. A gymnastics coach with a refined feeling for everything beautiful. So you can imagine that everything she does is simply perfect! Have you checked her IG feed? Amazing!

Wow your friends with these Aerial Hoop Poses

In most pole dance studios you have the opportunity to try out the aerial hoop. As to my knowledge, every third person tries at least once to climb on hoop but rarely does she decide to continue with aerial hoop training. Have no idea why is that, but this doesn’t mean you should give up from hoop entirely. Use it to your advantage at least to make stunning photos like these ones Alice has prepared you.

boomkats aerial hoop poses 6

One of the classic aerial hoop poses

boomkats aerial hoop poses 1

A variation from sitting to hanging position

boomkats aerial hoop poses 8

A good 3-point grip makes this pose safe

boomkats aerial hoop poses 3

A split looks always stunning

boomkats aerial hoop poses 7

Body beautifully aligned with the hoop

boomkats aerial hoop poses 2

Just a slight change and you got yourself another beautiful variation

boomkats aerial hoop poses 4

Streighten your legs for the easier variation

boomkats aerial hoop poses 9

Lower the hoop height for more safety

Photos off the hoop (or pole)

Already hired a photographer and scheduled a photo session, but not feeling too well? Yeah, this can happen also.

In that case, stay off the hoop and just look beautiful. Let the photographer do all the hard work.

Pull a rabbit out of the hat and use these two poses.

boomkats aerial hoop poses 5
boomkats aerial hoop poses

Spice it up with pole gear

Putting on pole wear just like this can also help to do a trick. It’s one of our timeless sets that will suit you even if you’re not that into black color.

It gives enough contrast to attract the eye and make photo interesting, but still not too extravagant or glam that could overshadow you.

Over to you

Do you have appropriate pole wear set for photo shooting? Our tops and shorts of this set are both in sizes from XS to XXL and thus flattering to all body types, fuller bust size included. Click it and see it for yourself.

boomkats pole wear
boomkats pole wear

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