boomkats pole clothes christmas gift guide
By Masha

Best Christmas Gift Guide for Pole Dancers

Pole dance community is a tight one. We support and cheer up each other. Having strong and friendly relationships matters so much, especially in those moments when trying to achieve Superman or some other pole ninja element that drives us crazy. Christmas is all about giving and receiving. And it can be even merrier if [...]
boomkats pole dance clothes Halloween ideas costume
By Masha

Ultimate Halloween Ideas For Pole Dancers

Of course. Black is the color of Halloween. You know. Dia de los Muertos, the death, black cats, spiders, bats, witches... As the Hallowen is celebrated at night, you can’t go wrong with some basic black stuff that you can upgrade with creative makeup and some cool accessories. So here are some Halloween ideas how [...]
boomkats pole camp
By Masha

12 Astrological Signs At The Pole Camp

Have you ever been to a Pole Camp? Or did you at least imagine how would it be? Usually you pair up with some friends or someone you just met at the camp, because... you know... sharing a hotel room together can cut down expenses tremendously and this is something we're all looking forward to. [...]
Boomkats Pole Dance Halloween Videos
By Masha

5 Top Pole Dance Halloween Videos that will get you pumped

It’s that time of the year when all of us are searching for some pole dance Halloween video inspiration. So I’ve searched and made a selection for you. Maybe the selection is not entirely to your taste, but for sure is inspirational AND doable. So here are 5 pole dance videos that will get you [...]
Halloween Costume and Makeup Ideas boomkats
By Masha

10 Best Halloween Pole Costume and Makeup Ideas

Halloween is a time to turn your dreams into a reality. You know what that means: You can finally become that pole fairy thanks to makeup scales and a bag of roses. So here are some Halloween costume and makeup ideas that will wow your friends.  GET INSPIRED WITH 10 BOOMKATS HALLOWEEN OUTFITS I'm sure [...]
pussy cat contest boomkats
By Masha

Pussy Cat Contest

A recapture of Pussy Cat Contest When Hydro Attack first came up with this idea of Pussy Cat Contest to us, naturally there was an obvious question hanging in the air: "Who would want their own pussycat printed on their bottoms? That's just crazy..." Well, we're talking about a cat person... that pole dances... so [...]
Pole Emotion boomkats polewear
By Masha

Pole Emotion festival

. . Pole emotion is a festival, a celebration of strength and grace. An endless dance levitation on a pole that causes an emotional hurricane of new feelings. And this year was successfully held for the 2nd time. In Riga. So I couldn't miss the opportunity to talk with Jana Vinokurova, the organizer of this [...]