boomkats pole dance playlist
By Masha

Best of Pole Dance Playlist

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain", said Bob Marley once. Which is hard to say the same when you hit the pole, lol. But pole kisses are so much bearable with good music, don't you think so? So here is our final pole dance playlist. BOOMKATS Best of [...]
Boomkats pole dance playlist exotic 2
By Masha

Jul 17 Exotic Pole Dance Playlist

We've already posted a playlist for exotic pole dance at the beginning of this year and I called it "Easy "Exotic". But that one was more easy going, for the ones who just began experimenting with an exotic pole dance. But this month's playlist is for the real ones doing all the exotic pole dance tricks and [...]
Boomkats pole dance Playlist sensual
By Masha

April 17 Sensual Pole Dance Playlist

This pole dance playlist will excite your senses and make you wanna dance slowly. Breathe, relax, feel the body and dance with your eyes closed. Put the ambient lights on. Enjoy all the way while expressing your sensual side. BOOMKATS Sensual Pole Dance Playlist Top 10 sensual pole dance songs Do you have your favorite […]