intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial 2
By Masha

Intermediate Exotic Pole Dance tutorial

If you’ve read one of my newsletters then you probably know why I posted this photo and why I love it so much. For many decades pole dance was associated with striptease and all ''Hoochi Coochi'' moves. Pole dancers had a really hard time convincing people that pole dance is a real sport that demands [...]
boomkats pole holds
By Masha

9 Intriguing Pole Holds To Try Right Now

We always try to nail moves like Ayesha or Deadlift and so very often we forget to try simple moves. But don't let these "only" pole holds fool you! Although they're simple to one extent, they can spice up your photoshoot session or add a touch of magic to your fav audience. . 9 Pole Holds [...]