boomkats superman pole dance move

15 Entries into Superman Pole Dance Move [step by step guide]

As you probably figured it out… Superman pole dance move is a move that you either hate it or love it. Either way, it’s on your intermediate bucket pole list and you can’t escape from it.

But when you conquer the Superman pole dance move – what’s next?

Usually we learn only 2 or 3 types of entries in our pole studios at the most. Rarely we get a chance to really study all the possible Superman entries. But by being aware of as many as these 15 entries I’m talking today, we get a chance to make our pole choreo much more fun and versatile.

Not to mention the strength, self-confidence and tightened thighs, lol.

So who is this article for?

This article is for you – if you have already conquered the Superman. You’ll learn and get transitions from 15 pole moves that will teleport you to the Superman. Or shall I say to Superwoman?

In case you’re still struggling with the Superman pole move then this could be a bit too challenging for you. But don’t let this stop you! Here is the article that will help you with this epic move: 7 reasons why you don’t achieve Superman pole dance move [tutorial].

boomkats superman pole dance move

Who is doing these 15 entries for you?

This challenge couldn’t be done without awesome hostess, our brand ambassador Leslie Lili.

I bet you know her already from following her on Instagram. But in case you haven’t seen her yet – following is a must.

Her specialty is taping videos of short pole acrobatics that are nothing less than stunning. The powerful and bendy shapes she does are an inspiration even to Marion Crampe! And girls who are seeking to upgrade their pole routine always come back to her Insta profile.

boomkats superman pole dance move

So now you know: these 15 entries are coming from the very best in pole dance!

And now, without further ado, let’s jump to the video and start entering into Superman.

15 Entries into Superman

o make it easier for you, we paused the videos (and capture the pose) at certain parts where you can see how the body is entering into the transition and then into the next move.

So first you’ll see a video of entry and then images that show the transition. We thought this would be much easier than word description. You know how they say it: image speaks a thousand words.

Do you want a FREE PDF Cheat Sheet of all 15 entries?

So you can have a look at it on your phone during the pole training? Then download it for FREE!

boomkats freebies

Get some additional inspiration

When seeing Leslie doing all these acrobatic moves, you’re probably thinking:

‘’OMG, this is waaaay out of my league.’’ Or maybe you’re more like:

‘’Yeah, I could totally do this.’’

Either way, it’s always good to have some inspiration. And what could be better than girls who have done it before you?!

So I encourage you to click #PDSUPERMAN_CHALLENGE to see all these awesome girls who indeed became Superwomen. That’s some real GRL PWR I’m talking about!

boomkats superman pole dance move

Although the challenge ended on 6th of May (did I mention that we did an Instagram pole challenge?), you can still participate and thus be the role model for the girls who are now at the beginner level, but will soon become Superwomen.

And what’s the prize?

You get the best prize, and that is: nailing some really badass entries!

But talking for real, our grand prize was Superman pole top, made just for this occasion. Yeah, I know, it would be super awesome you could get it as a winning prize, but unfortunately only one was the lucky gal. But since it was so well received we decided to put it in our e-shop. Yay for that!

So now you have the opportunity to treat yourself whether it might be for nailing the Superman / getting all 15 entries / or even for deciding to finally give a Superman a second chance. Who knows?

Maybe this Superman top has some special powers and will lift you to fly high 🙂

Plus, as this pole move AND top are so special, we decided to make an exclusive Superman Gift Box for anyone who decides on purchasing the Superman top!

How cool is that?

Become a Superwoman with some serious GRL PWR S***

Pole girls and fashion: a match made in heaven! That’s why we’re giving you 3 options to choose from. Whether you like high waisted or low waisted shorts. Or just simple Superman top that goes with… well… almost everything 🙂 Oh, yes! And it’s your favorite Cupid model – a reversible one, so you practically get 2 tops for the price of one.


boomkats superman pole dance move top bundle box
Reversible Top
+ GRL PWR gift box


boomkats superman pole dance move bundle box
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+ High waisted Shiny Red Martini Shorts
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+ Low waisted Jade Jeans Shorts
+ Red Pole dance Skirt
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