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Leslie Lili, Eye-popping pole dancer

Does the name Leslie Arthot sound familiar? Not really, I guess.

What about Leslie Lili? Ha! I thought I might catch your attention now 🙂

Yes, I’m sure you know her very well! You follow Leslie Lili on Instagram because she inspires you with all her incredible tricks and crazy flips on the pole. Her eye-popping bendy shapes are something you’re desperately trying to achieve.

Whenever you’re stuck and try to find the right combo or a new idea about handstand or entry to “Superman” you go to her posts that you saved. So her short videos are becoming almost tutorials for all of us! But did you know that she is a self-taught pole dancer?

This and many more facts and tips you can find out from our little chat we had together. Please, welcome

Leslie Lili

Incredible pole dancer and Boomkats brand ambassador:

boomkats Leslie Lili pole dancer 1

Leslie posing on pole in her favorite Boomkats Meow top

Hi, Leslie! I’m so happy that we can finally know each other a little better. You said you are a self-taught pole dancer. Is this really possible? Judging by your outstanding pole moves and tricks I would say that this is almost impossible…

Hi! To be honest, I took a few lessons at the beginning… but I’m self-taught for many years.

You’re taking pole dance very seriously – at least so it seems. You post pole videos every single day. So what really surprised me is the fact that you’re a doctor (general practitioner). So you have a serious profession with loads of responsibilities. How do you manage and find the time for pole dance?

Indeed, I’m posting new videos two or three times per week… But that doesn’t mean I’m training every day. I usually train once a week – it’s my Sunday’s me-time 😉

Do your patients know about your secret sport [laughts]? Do they look you in a different way because of that?

I think that most of them don’t know! But those who do know that I’m also a pole dancer are just thinking that I’m an athletic doctor! [laughts]

Does your knowledge about the medicine come handy when poling? Regarding the injuries, knowledge about our body machine…

For sure!

Your abs are phenomenal, you’re super fit and you don’t have even a gram of body fat. It seems that you pick the food you eat very carefully. What and how do you eat – especially before and after training?

Thank you! But believe me or not – I usually drink a half liter of Coca Cola while training 🤣 This is my abs secret! [laughts] I eat healthy, vegetarian, but I don’t really care about it – I eat what I want. Pssst… I really love chocolate, cookies and cheese pizzas!

What most of the girls are wondering is how the heck you become so flexible! Did you gain that through hard training and stretching or does your flexibility come naturally to you? What kind of advice can you give us?

I have good natural flexibility, but of course I also train for it. My only advice is: “Always listen to your body limits!”

Did you invent any pole moves? Which ones are they? Did you invent them by accident or out of creativity?

Yes, I did invent some moves, most of them by accident! [laughts] I usually don’t give them names, because in pole dancing there are so many possibilities that each move seems to be just a variation of another trick! But you maybe know the “Teddy Lili”, “Teardrop split”, “Flying Cupid Flip” or “Lili split”…

(below you can find some of her signature tricks)

boomkats Leslie Lili pole dancer 01

Teddy Lili

boomkats Leslie Lili pole dancer 2

Rose Petal (we had the honor to name it!) 

boomkats Leslie Lili pole dancer 3

Twisted Baby Snake

boomkats Leslie Lili pole dancer 4

Teardrop Split (it’s not a Maddie sparkle creation)

boomkats Leslie Lili pole dancer 5

Brass Mermaid

boomkats Leslie Lili pole dancer 6

Killer Split (it hurts like hell, she says)

You were in the finals at the French pole dance competition in 2013, 2015 and 2016. Can you share some of the experience from competitions so that we can learn from?

It was a great experience to be on stage! But I’m not a competitor at heart – I don’t really like to compete against other girls! When I was in the finals I was just amazed by the level of other competitors – everybody amazed me!  But if you’d like to compete, my advice would be to try to keep it cool, do your best and enjoy on stage.

Although you left the competitions we can still see you in action. You’ll be having some workshops in the future. What are the girls most eager to learn from you?

Hmmm… They often ask me for some flexibility tips! As I wasn’t a gymnast before, the girls can see that everybody can succeed and make impressive moves or combos even without the gymnastics background.

You really succeeded in terms of recognition on social media, especially on Instagram. What would you say is the secret to this success?

I don’t know! [laughts]  But I think people like my creativity!

Last but not least, Leslie also gained the attention of Marion Crampe who said:

She is probably one of my Top 5 Instagram inspirational bendy shape creators: @leslielili_pole is always coming up with those unique, twisted, challenging shapes. This new shape leaves a nice kiss on your inside elbow though. If you are a “twist your body” pole lover, she is def a “Must Follow”.


boomkats Leslie Lili pole dancer

Marion Crampe caught in a pole move called “Lili Split” created by Leslie Lili.

So in case you don’t already follow Leslie, it’s about time! You can see her in action on her Instagram profile and like her FB page.

Dear Leslie, thank you for this chat! Hope to see you soon.


boomkats Leslie Lili pole dancer
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