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Marion Crampe interview – Part 1

Meet Marion

When I see her dance, I don’t see her pole tricks or pole moves, all I see is an artistic and etheric flow. And maybe this is the best compliment I can give to her… a pole is just the media she uses to create magic.

So I’m on the mission to discover her magic and to see if somehow in a way I can catch her magic myself.

And for that, it’s no surprise that Marion Crampe – one of the most known pole stars – is called also a »Pole fairy«.

I’ve prepared myself a little bit different this time for the interview. I asked pole community »What would you ask her if you had a chance«, so here are some questions and answers I’m sure can relate to.

So dear Marion thank you so much for accepting my invitation to this interview here on Boomkats and I really can say that I’m privileged and honored to learn from the greatest.

Thank you so much.

So when I talked with the pole community, it seems that everybody that knows you in person seemed to be equally enchanted by your personality as well as by your pole performance. Even more, I would say that to them mattered that you are a nice and a sweet person more than anything. So do you have anything to say about that?

Well, first of all, thank you so much, everybody! I really appreciate this and I’m glad that this is coming out as a general opinion. Actually, I think that at the end of the day it’s probably even more important to me, to be seen like this, as a human being and not only for what I’m creating on the pole. We can create so many amazing things on this planet but I believe that how we humans are is probably the most important. So if I’m perceived in this way I’m sure it’s also because I received the same energy in return from all those people amazing people.

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About her Pole Fairy Magic

True! All the pole community is really soooo supportive. And some girls even had no question for you! They just said “all I want to do is just see her dance next to me”, and I thought “OMG,  this has to be the best compliment a girl could get”. So what do you think, where does this magic of yours come from?

I myself believe in magic, in energy and many other things that probably are not seen with a human eye. Since I was a little girl I felt very different, always thinking out of the box. I had absolutely no friends and I suffered because of the bullying. People around me didn’t understand me so I was always the one left on the side. I was just to weird for them.

And when growing up and evolving as a human being I started to acknowledge that, yes, I am different and that’s okay. I started to accept and understand how to use this difference in the right way first for myself and then for the others and towards the others. I’m still very different from most of the people but now it’s much easier to deal with it for me.

Thank you for sharing this intimate story with us. Well, in my opinion, magic also happens when you align your body and thoughts. They become one, when you’re in the “now” moment, when you become one with the universe… “the zone”, call it sportiest. I know “you’ve been there” so you know what I’m talking about… Is meditation something you would advise to a pole dancer and why?

Well, I would advise meditation to any human on the planet. I do meditate quite some time now, but not until recently I started to meditate in a constant way. So for two years, I meditate every single day and I have to say that this practice really has a massive influence and evolution of my own self. It was just yesterday… I was in a company of the professional cyclist when we started to talk about meditation and his thoughts were that he’s not a “person for mediation” and that he can not stop thinking while meditating. Well, you don’t need to be a special person to meditate. And meditation doesn’t mean you should stop thinking because you can’t, because you’re human. Meditation is just creating space between you and your thoughts for a little moment and that’s why I recommend it so much.

There are a lot of amazing applications for your mobile phone, use them for good. There are apps that will guide you through the meditation process and help you to understand what exactly is meditation. Meditation is something very important, especially nowadays than ever before, when we are always so busy, running around… Many people told me that they don’t have the time for that and this is simply not true. I think we all make choices based on our priorities and on what’s important to us in our lives.

One master said once that you must meditate an hour per day but if you don’t have time then you must meditate two hours per day.

(laughs) Yeah, exactly! But don’t let that stop you. Even five minutes can be good, there’s nothing wrong in that. Even if you are conscious during one inhale and exhale, you’re already meditating. So why not? I have friends that meditate for much more than two hours and some people start with ten minutes. I started with ten minutes two years ago and now I can do forty-five to one hour and I’m fine. I feel comfortable and it’s a time well spend because benefits of meditation are really incredible and I evolve every single day. It’s amazing!

Pole dance is a very intense sport and listening to your body is quite crucial. Is this possible if one does not meditate, any advice on that?

Yes, sure! There are a lot of people that are super healthy, doing amazing things and keep going in their lives and they never ever meditate. We’re all very unique and I believe that you have to adopt what is the best for you. Something that works for me doesn’t necessarily work for the person next to me. And I think definitely you can listen to your body and be healthy and be amazing even if you don’t meditate.

What about mental conditioning? It’s half of the success, I would say.

Well, I’m visiting a lot of pole studios and I think there’s more and more talk about the mental side of pole training.

I think we’re a generation – I have in mind generation between twenty-five and fifty, sixty years old – that is going back to the basic. We as a human beings came very far but we lost control over everything – what we’re doing to the planet, killing each other, all those terrorist attacks…  I feel that more and more people want to go back to the roots. Humanity is the solution and is becoming more and more powerful every day. And when I’m visiting pole dance studios I can clearly see these changes.

There is much more power in our minds than it is in our bodies. So regarding the mental conditioning, it depends who runs the studio and what is her/his motivation. Actually, the most important is not what tricks you’re doing, but with who and what you share that with. Pole dancing is an excuse to connect, to get together and to get stronger together.

It’s true, it much depends on the owner of the studio, the atmosphere, and the energy.


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About Perfection and Mastering the tricks

You said once that you are a perfectionist and control freak and I know exactly what you’re talking about (laughs). So how to overcome this obstacle and feel the beauty and feel good about yourself regardless of the underachievement or whatever that might be?

Yes, I might have said that two years ago. I was definitely younger and probably less mature. So today I would put some water on what I said with who I am today. I think I’m still… I wouldn’t say control freak anymore, but I’m still a perfectionist because it’s something interesting in seeking for perfection that you can absolutely never really reach. I like seeking perfection because it gets me to challenge myself.  And being a control freak… well, I would rather call it more a discipline. A very famous ballet dancer said once that discipline is the base of freedom and not the opposite, and I can completely relate to that.

My discipline is the door to my freedom. When I’ve done all I had to do, I’m free for the rest of the day and I have many hours left to do whatever I like to do.

Nobody can do all and every pole trick in the world… or am I wrong and we just don’t work hard enough like you? Is there anything you can’t do?

There are a lot of things I can’t do! There are many moves that I don’t do and I’m okay with that because I can do many other stuff.

I don’t think people can’t do something because they don’t work hard enough. I think people in the pole industry work really hard, almost like crazy. They really love if they have the power to conquer a new move, but trust me, it’s still very fine if you can not do everything.

I like to challenge myself trying new things but there is some stuff that I don’t do. Also because I’m not twenty years anymore. Of course, I’m not old … I’m thirty-four now but if I know that some movement can injure my body I won’t keep pushing and try to nail it just so I can post a picture on Instagram – not really. So sometimes when I can not get into certain move or trick, I try to do it my way and it becomes a new variation of the move, something that fits my style much more, fits my body and yeah, my health.

But I think this is totally fine because otherwise, it would be so boring if we all would do the same things.

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Her Pole Journey

What was the hardest part of your pole dance journey?

I don’t have it.


Pole dancing has changed my life in a magical way! I’m still so passionate, so happy and so proud to be a pole dancer.

And if you could go back to the beginning of your pole journey and give yourself any advice, what would you say to yourself, to your younger self?

I would say, “do the same”.

Ahh, the perfect answer!

Yeah, because… you know… the good and the bad things made me where I am today and I’m very happy and grateful for that. So I would do the same.

You also have a coaching degree as a sports educator for disabled people. I’m impressed because this somehow proves, again, who you truly are… that you want to support and help others less fortunate. So beautiful.

I think we all have a mission. For some people, it’s programming websites, for some people to create clothes and for some to help others. Through my spiritual path and past life regressions (I’m very into stuff like these) I discovered that my mission in this lifetime is helping people. And that probably explains my qualification. True, I have quite a lot of people, very good friends around me with a handicap, but I’ve always seen those people exactly the same way as anyone else. But I don’t think this was the main reason for this specific qualification that I got. Being “disabled” doesn’t only mean the physical disability, being an invalid. It can be also any physical healthy state but with a disability that comes with age (getting older), a special condition (being pregnant) and so on. So the coaching degree gave me the knowledge and understanding of this kind of conditions.

It is true that at a young age you weren’t strong or flexible enough?

Definitely! I have this funny story to tell… the other day my mom said to my friend (who is also an amazing dancer)… she said to her: “You know that Marion wanted to dance as a little, but she was really bad?”

Oh, no… I can hardly believe that!

I was a little girl who was much better at something else, but I always wanted to be a dancer. And I think the fact that I wanted to be a dancer and as I was a firm believer in what I want to do since very young age, made me work for it. So I worked really hard and I’m still working very hard to have this dream.

– End of Part 1 –

You want to know what are her thoughts about bendy shapes, food, and bullying? Then stay tuned for the second part! Coming up next week!


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