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10 Pole Moves To Master Pole Doubles Now

Pole Doubles Challenge

Yes, there was a pole doubles challenge in December! And did you know that it was the first time ever? We’re so proud and happy that we were the one – the first one who made it happen. Of course, we were only the sponsor so all the heavy lifting was made by our lovely and awesome hostesses Tanya Cheung and Gemma Cheung. All the fun and excitement couldn’t be possible without them. And of course with all you who participated.

This 10-day challenge consisted of 10 pole doubles moves that were both intriguing and achievable at the same time. There was always an easier variation as an option, but hey – the most important thing is participation and to try something new and fun.

In case you missed our pole doubles challenge, here’s a recapture of 10 pole moves to master pole doubles.

Tanya and Gemma – the Hostesses

I bet you follow them already! If not, now is your chance to hit that Follow button on their Instagram accounts and get some fresh inspiration from winners of hoop doubles – Ireland competition.

Tanya is the owner of Fly Away Aerial pole dance studio and also won Pole Dance Ireland Princess 2018. And Gemma has only started with pole dance only a few months ago. And together they won Hoop Doubles from the same competition! Can you imagine what talented girls they are?

boomkats pole doubles moves

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. But no, they’re not sisters. They just look like they’re. And yes, they do have the same surname. But no, they’re still not sisters. I know, it’s a mystery 🙂

10 Pole Doubles Moves

From the thumbnails below you can see the difficulty level of all the moves.

boomkats pole doubles moves thumbnails

I know you’re wondering how the heck is possible to get into these positions, but don’t panic! We gathered all the instructions with a help of Tanya and Gemma and prepared you a FREE pdf cheat sheet (download it now ) and video tutorial so you can try all those fancy moves yourself.

boomkats freebies

Follow the Pole Doubles Hashtag

There were so many participants and we just wanted to thank you. This December was a really festive one with all your incredible effort and amazing posts. Although there had been 3 winners, we wanted to show you a few posts that impressed us most. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough room for all of them therefore just follow the hashtag and feel the December’s spirit for yourself!

boomkats pole doubles moves hashtag

boomkats pole doubles moves hashtag

Get inspired by our Video Tutorial
of these essential 10 Pole Doubles Moves!

So who will be your Pole Doubles Partner?

I bet you already have your pole BFF in mind right now, correct? So pick up the phone and challenge her/him to try this 10 awesome pole doubles with you. Send her/him this blog post, so she/he can download the free cheat sheet also.

boomkats freebies

But before you do, maybe it’s a good idea to read also the post Is your pole partner right for you?


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