boomkats pole doubles partner

7 tips to know if your pole doubles partner is right for you

I bet you already have your pole BFF in mind right now, correct? Who could be better than the one who supports you, encourages you in your pole journey and makes jokes to lift you up when you’re feeling down.

How to know if your pole doubles partner is right for you?

I totally agree that the chemistry between you two counts. But there are other factors to consider when choosing your partner for pole doubles. And what applies for her/him, goes for you also.

boomkats pole doubles partner

Incredible Tanya & Gemma hosting our Boomkats Pole Challenge

1. Being equal in weight and height

This is something that usually comes up first. Sure, you have to easily support partner’s weight. And equal height makes pole elements more beautiful and symmetrical. But read on…

2. The symmetry

Each of you will make the best effort in pole tricks she/he could give. It’s a good thing! But not when it comes to symmetry. Because there are two facts. First, symmetry plays the main role when judging the aesthetic part of the pole moves. And secondly, no two bodies are the same. Obviously.

So you should take videos on your very first training to see the adjustment you have to make.

It’s more important that ‘’Double Jade’’ you’re planning to do will be symmetrical and they’ll match rather than one split being more open than the other. Because one body will always be more flexible than the other. Therefore one will have to adjust the element in order to accomplish the symmetry and the aesthetics of the trick.

3. It’s not about you, it’s about the team

Although you are in the same level (basic, intermediate or advanced) it’s normal that one has more expertise in some pole elements than the other. And vice versa. So it’s normal (especially when trying new tricks) that some pole elements won’t go as planned. The worst thing it could be is to blame your partner or yourself. You know how they say: “It takes two for tango”. So remember: You’re a team now. If there are any mistakes, they’re team’s mistakes. Which brings us to the next tip.

boomkats pole doubles partner

Funny fact: even though they share last names, Tanya Cheung and Gemma Cheung are not sisters. They’re not even related!

4. Honest and open communication OFF the pole

So if anything goes wrong… Yep, there is a huge possibility for that, especially when preparing for competition or performance when the pressure is usually higher – you have to talk it over. Honest and open communication counts. Be direct, honest, but say it with understanding. We’re mostly driven on our subconscious minds. So when something goes wrong our emotions could burst out and then we say something we didn’t mean to. But hey, what I’m talking here? It’s the same as in any romantic relationship.

5. Communication ON the pole on time

Don’t try to be too brave. Your partner needs to know how you’re feeling in certain pole element. If you don’t feel right or comfortable or if you’re slipping, you can’t go out of the element as quickly as you would go when you’re alone.

That’s why you have to tell her/him immediately. Yelling is always a good idea, but not when you’re on stage. The most common signal could be tapping a certain part of the body or eye or face expressions. The best way is to agree together on signals and signs. So remember: big part of your attention must always be on your partner, so you can catch a signal she/he is trying to send to you. This means safety. And constant attention on a partner means also better synchronization too.

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6. Your weakness can be your partner’s strength

Who is stronger? Or better at balance? Whos skin is more sensitive? It’s definitely good to know this kind of differences between you. It will help you a lot in planning the moves.
In general, pole doubles tricks (on one pole) can be divided in 2 groups. Tricks or elements when none of the partners is supporting the weight of the other. And Flyer-Base elements when one is supporting most (or all) of the other partner’s body weight.

The challenge in pole doubles is not only strength, but also balance, because many tricks demand of you to be strong and steady. Also, be aware that partner on top should generally have the most endurance.

boomkats pole doubles partner

Tanya & Gemma are the perfect pole doubles partners. We adore them!

7. Show your creativity

The possibilities of creating new shapes with two bodies are endless! You can always find inspiration from other sources too, so don’t get stuck on traditional pole elements.

But before trying out the new tricks, test them on floor first. This way you’ll have a collection for floor flow movements and you’ll find out easily where the catch is with the trick in the air, plus you’ll fine-tune synchronization with ease.

And don’t forget to be considerate – don’t just suddenly give your partner all of your weight. Slowly let go of your weight to avoid injuries.

LAST TIP: Don’t get too serious

Last but not least: whether you’re preparing for competition or performance, don’t get too serious. Having fun means being more open to creativity. And relaxed mode usually does the trick to wow the audience. And if you’re just starting, then these 10 pole moves for pole doubles should do the trick.

What is your experience?

Did we forget to write something significant? We at Boomkats and our audience would love to hear from you for advice, your experiences, tips & tricks and also see your pole doubles photos! So don’t hide in the shadow – press the send button and give us your feedback!


boomkats pole doubles partner
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