intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial 2

Intermediate Exotic Pole Dance tutorial

If you’ve read one of my newsletters then you probably know why I posted this photo and why I love it so much. For many decades pole dance was associated with striptease and all ”Hoochi Coochi” moves. Pole dancers had a really hard time convincing people that pole dance is a real sport that demands strength, power, flexibility and courage.

And with this struggle of convincing people it suddenly happened that I met many pole girls that were thinking that the only correct pole dance is the one that has sport elements. And that all those heels clacking isn’t much of a deal. But hey, what happened to our seductive feminine side?

intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial

When we put pole dancing high heels on, it’s just as empowering as if you put on snickers, ballet shoes or just dance barefoot. It is just another way of expressing yourself and the beauty of pole dance is in different styles. So we totally support all kind of expressions, even the ones with the stripper style. Pole dance has had a liberating effect on all of us when we started pole dancing and supporting different styles is what’s great about the pole community. That’s why we prepared an intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial to remind you of that liberating effect pole had on us.

Exotic Pole Dance

Throughout the years, when pole dancing was evolving, 3 major pole dance styles have emerged: Sport, Art and Exotic.

Exotic Pole dance style is associated with the Russians and their amazing strength and skills around the pole. Exotic is about wowing the audience with complex base work, low flow, deceptive strength work, and crazy transitions. And with hells on, moves are damn sexy!

If you’re still not sure what are the differences between different styles I encourage you to read a very good post from Peach Lee Ray.

And did you know? As the pole community is growing, also many exotic styles such as strip plastic have arisen.

Whaaat? Yeah, I know – this was also my reaction the first time I heard about this specific style of exotic pole dance. And as Lessandra explained to me, this is a mixture of different dance styles with maximum isolation of muscles in the arms, chest, tummy, legs and buttocks. Strip plastic teaches you to master your body and to move gracefully. The main emphasis is on the floor work, standing pole elements and endless fluid motion in high heels.

So, excited as I was, we partnered with Lessandra in a pole challenge! Lessandra started with pole sport first and then explored Exotic pole dance until she found her own expressive style. She rocks in exotic competitions (she is semi-pro at Exotic Moon competition) and shares her dance knowledge and experiences at workshops and at her own online pole school. I took her pole classes and she has the talent to explain and show moves in such different manners that you grasp all those moves in a snap of a finger.


What you will learn from this Exotic Pole Dance Tutorial

So here it is. And you’re going to love it! We named it Exotic Pole Tutorial, but let not that frighten you. It’s not too Exotic! You can easily implement these new tricks into your floorwork, freestyle or make them as a bond element between pole moves you usually practice. Or simply spice up your moves around the pole to wow the pole sisters you train with.

The level of this tutorial is intermediate but designed in a way that also beginners can participate and involve with great fun.

You will learn 12 moves on a static pole, and each 3 of them will be combined in a short combo. That means you’ll be also inspired by 4 pole choreography combinations that you will be able to include in your pole routine!

All 12 exotic pole elements are displayed below so you’ll gain better clarity and will keep you more focused and motivated. But all the explaining is done in a video you’ll find at the end of this post.

intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial
intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial
intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial
intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial
intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial
intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial
intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial
intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial
intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial
intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial
intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial
intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial

If you’re anxious to begin just jump at the end of a post to see the video tutorial – but if you’re curious what we advise you regarding the pole attire, read on.

Pole Dance clothes you might need to rock those moves

Nothing is really mandatory. Moves and combos are easy enough to learn but still challenging so some of the pole dance attire will sure come handy plus will make you feel like you own the place.

Knee pads

For some of the moves you’ll need knee pads especially if you’re a beginner, if you have delicate skin or you tend to have pole kisses easily. We advise you to have knee pads that Lessandra is wearing because they protect your knee in the most perfect manner plus they’re not bulky. And if you’re fashion-oriented you can change the knee sleeves in different designs. Highly recommended!

intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial
intermediate exotic pole dance tutorial
intermedicate exotic pole dance tutorial

Leggings and leg warmers

Leggings and leg warmers are a good option to make floor work a little easier, but they are definitely not mandatory. Both give you comfort, slightly cushion your knees and provide a slip for turns, floor work, etc. And if you decide for leg warmers instead of leggings be sure you’ll feel sexier.

High Heels aka Pleasers

Believe me if I say that dancing in heels is much more fun than wearing a pair of ankle socks. Wait a minute… why would I need to wear anything at all on my cute little toes? I could say nothing matters – which is true up to a certain point. But when you’ll slide over the floor with your toes in a quick move in certain elements it will be more comfy for your toes if wearing at least ankle socks.

But to boost your feeling of a true diva that you are, high heels are more than welcome. Of course, you can always get away with our leg warmers that come with clever toe socks.

Be sure to check it out (this is really just shameless self-promotion here!).

intermedicate exotic pole dance tutorial
intermedicate exotic pole dance tutorial
intermedicate exotic pole dance tutorial

And if you’re already a semi-pro exotic dancer that uses pleasers without saying – why not transform your high heels into gorgeous pole boots with
boot sleeves in a snap? Plus, they’ll give you additional grip on the pole.

intermedicate exotic pole dance tutorial

Remember: pole dancing has no limits! The way you decide to combine the newly learned moves from these tutorials depends totally on your personal style and taste. I believe that some of our combos may certainly become part of your routine. Now put on some music and let’s dance!

Exotic Pole Dance Tutorial – wrapping up in a Video

Intermediate level, but designed also with easier variations of moves for beginners. Enjoy!

Want some more?

If you love Lessandra’s tutorial as much as we do, we encourage you to take her online lessons. You can check out everything at her online pole school. And after taking her lessons, you could dance stories just like this one 🙂

Did you try some of Pole Elements from this Exotic Tutorial? Do let me know in comments below how it went!


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