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9 Intriguing Pole Holds To Try Right Now

We always try to nail moves like Ayesha or Deadlift and so very often we forget to try simple moves. But don’t let these “only” pole holds fool you! Although they’re simple to one extent, they can spice up your photoshoot session or add a touch of magic to your fav audience.


9 Pole Holds To Try Right Now

So our brand ambassador Suncana More got a clever idea.

BTW: Do you know her already? She is the most creative person I ever knew! She has created Hydro Attack (the best body grip for pole) and Boot Sleeves (sleeves that turn your pole shoes in boots in a snap). Anyways, above all, she has experience with sensual and art form of pole dance and is a pole dance instructor since 2012. When competing for the first time – at Pole Theatre 2014 – she immediately won Pole Comedy category and also was an Overall winner! So besides being a great pole dancer and unstoppable creator, she has the greatest personality and each time our collaboration resulted in loving and supportive bonding. (Suncana, if you’re reading right now: “Thank you so so much sweetheart!”)

And what is this clever idea? From the illustrated pole book called “The Blister Exists” by Little Thunder she picked a few pole holds/sits to challenge you. It’s hard to pick 9 holds from 1200 different drawings of pole dance shapes, spins, and whatnot… all named and categorized (can you imagine?!), so please be gentle, haha.

So here are 9 Intriguing Pole Holds And Sits you should definitely try.

Each pole hold has a name plus also Suncana’s instruction – a tip for nailing the move easier. We’re anxious to see if these 9 pole holds are already in your pole diary. So do let us know in the comments how do you find them.


Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Basic Sit Passe

TIP: Get that curve in the back and feel beautiful.

Nothing more to say about this beautiful pole seat. Although it’s the easiest one it just looks so feminine… We adore it!


2. Chinese Pole Stand

TIP: Push your shoulder into the pole and squeeze with your feet tight.

With dry skin, you won’t accomplish the stand, so you want to look after your skin. The critical times are in winter and after coming back from your summer vacations when the skin is burned and tired from sun and salt. Hydro Attack that Suncana invented is a natural product that deals with dry skin problems, nurturing your skin to become more healthy but also instantly giving you perfect grip for pole.


3. Standing Pike

TIP: It’s important to have a good hamstring flexibility and to keep your back straight.

PS: Do you like the Boomkats shorts she’s wearing? Probably ’cause it’s written “POLE” on the back side 😉


4. Reverse Armpit Hold

TIP: Squeeze with your feet, stick with your side butt and squeeze your arm while keeping your shoulder high and back to the pole.

Wait! Is this Pinocchio…? Anyways, especially at this pole hold is important to have a good body grip. Hydro Attack is making sure you do not slip from the pole. 


5. Reverse Armpit Hold – advanced

TIP: This is the advanced version of the previous hold. Squeeze with the back of your armpit while holding your shoulder high and pushing back to the pole. On the leg part, squeeze the pole between side butt and the knee.

It’s hard enough to get into this advanced pole hold, but it’s much easier to stay there with Hydro Attack.


6. Intense Stretch

TIP: Don’t try this on the pole before you can do it comfortably on the floor. The stretch is extreme so you want to be careful to not hurt yourself.

Wipe your feet (if you have sweaty ones) before going to the pole OR use a super hand (and foot) grip aid like NANO-technology powder from Lupit Pole.


Now it’s your turn…

We’re giving you the last 3 intriguing pole seats for you to figure them out all by yourself

7. Crucifix Arch


boomkats pole holds 9


It’s called also STARGAZER
HINT: don’t forget to include the abs 🙂

8. Vortex


boomkats pole holds 10


You can called it also CLAW GRIP
HINT: this hold is meant for a spinning pole

9. Elbow hold


boomkats pole holds 8


HINT: If you nailed pole move “Teddy”, this one will be an easy one

Did you accomplish them all?

Why don’t you give us your feedback? We would love to know all about your attempts and we promise to give you a 10 just for trying 🙂
So send us some photos or simply just comment below!

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