boomkats pole dance playlist

Best of Pole Dance Playlist

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”, said Bob Marley once. Which is hard to say the same when you hit the pole, lol. But pole kisses are so much bearable with good music, don’t you think so? So here is our final pole dance playlist.

BOOMKATS Best of Pole Dance Playlist

So I gathered all the pole dance playlist from last year because we all like to have things handy. Just one link and off you go.


1. Let’s begin with an easy exotic pole dance

Boomkats pole dance Playlist easy exotic

These songs were gathered by Lessandra Volk – a rising Exotic Pole Dance star. Her main motto is: “Enjoy the process, not the goal – you are not a result but a whole human being with a full rainbow of feelings”. So all songs are selected with great care and the most powerful feelings that allow girls to express their inner power with passion and love. So are you ready? Let’s go!


2. Your feminine side with sensual vibes

Boomkats pole dance Playlist sensual

These pole dance songs will excite your senses and make you wanna dance slowly. To get in touch with your feminine side is so important! So breathe, relax, feel the body and dance with your eyes closed. Put the ambient lights on. Enjoy all the way.


3. Let your body moves by itself

Boomkats pole dance playlist abstract

Anyone can explain the “abstract music” in her or his own way, ’cause there are no rules. There is no most suitable or right music for pole dance, except for the one that triggers you, this I’ve learned from Marlo Fisken.  So… I dare you… to lock yourself alone in the room with this music – with or without the pole. Don’t do anything until your body wants to move. Free your body and mind and don’t judge your moves. Are you ready?


4. Pleaser shoes are a must

Boomkats pole dance playlist exotic 2

Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that is so hot right now for this kind of pole dance. I’ve taken the liberty to choose dubstep songs that still are not so hard as they could be. So you can still enjoy their melodic aspect. So this playlists is for real, for all who are doing all the exotic pole dance tricks and all the fancy flips. So put on your pole high heel shoes and dance!


5. Going exotic with Alyona

Boomkats pole dance playlist alyona amber

Alyona Amber is an awarded exotic pole dance star with some incredible playlists. I was always fascinated by her style and choice of music. So when doing an interview with her (you can read it here) she shared some of her fav songs.


6. Boo to you too!

Boomkats pole dance playlist halloween

I think you know me by now – I’m all into sensual sexy vibes and since I’m having a hard time with those heavy rock music, I asked my pole sister for help. As we both don’t like already prepared themed music, we searched for some dark rock music that also has a good rhythm for a pole dance. You gonna rock your Halloween pole costume party with this a creepy and spooky music. So boo to you too!


7. Perfect for your Xmas pole party!

pole dance playlist christmas

Whether you like Christmas songs or not, you must admit that they encourage a festively fun dance routine. If your pole studio has a Christmas party (and it should!) then this pole dance playlist will come in handy. Remember: pole dance Christmas party is perfect for spins, floorwork and some booty swings. Let’s get some holiday spirit! Yay!

Hope you enjoyed the variety of chosen pole dance songs. And don’t forget, write in comments below your favorite music or songs that trigger you to let yourself go and force you to make super awesome pole dance moves and tricks :).


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