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12 Astrological Signs At The Pole Camp

Have you ever been to a Pole Camp? Or did you at least imagine how would it be?

Usually you pair up with some friends or someone you just met at the camp, because… you know… sharing a hotel room together can cut down expenses tremendously and this is something we’re all looking forward to.

But sometimes the idea of having a roommate isn’t quite as nice as cutting down the costs.

So I found this funny text somewhere and I just thought how well illustrates the differences between us.

I adapted it a little bit and Alina-Nicole from Summerdream Illustration did amazing job! She is a pole instructor and professional illustrator as well. So who could be better than her?

How would it look if 12 astrological signs would reside together at the Pole Camp…

boomkats pole camp
boomkats pole camp

At 8:00 am is starting the first workshop (BTW: let’s imagine it’s flexibility class or yoga – because this would be like the only two options so early in the morning, haha ).

So let’s see how the attendees are preparing. Can you see yourself in? 🙂


6 am:

Virgo gets up and she cleans the bathroom floor before showering. After brushing her teeth she puts the toothbrush in a sterile bag and puts it aside in a special place, away from all other toothbrushes.


6:15 am

Capricorn gets up and turns off the water heater because it’s way past time of electricity on a budget.


6:20 am

Aquarius goes for a morning run.


6:30 am

Libra and Leo are fighting for a moisturizer facial cream and hair gel just in front of the mirror.
boomkats pole camp
boomkats pole camp

6:40 am

Taurus is eating Nutella for breakfast with a big spoon.


6:45 am

Sagittarius gets up and turns on the water heater.


7:00 am

Cancer is preparing sandwiches and Virgo is making freshly squeezed juices. Gemini is still in bed, checking her emails, Instagram, Facebook and Tik-Tok posts on her mobile.
boomkats pole camp
boomkats pole camp

7:05 am

Scorpio smashes down the bathroom door – Libra is coming out of the bathroom mortally offended with a cosmetic bag under her arm.


7:10 am

Aries gets up and turns on the stopwatch.


7:11:45 am

Aries had already showered, put clothes on and he is waving from the top of the stairs. He turns off the stopwatch.
boomkats pole camp
boomkats pole camp

7:15 am

Taurus is scraping the jar with the spoon. Nutella has gone.


7:20 am

Libra and Leo are fighting again – the last check of their looks in front of the mirror and admiring themselves before going out.


7:30 am

Aquarius is taking a shower with cold water – Capricorn has turned off the water heater again.
boomkats pole camp
boomkats pole camp

7:40 am

All are gone to their first pole workshop.


7:45 am

Gemini returns back, she has forgotten one of her 3 mobile phones.


7:50 am

Gemini returns back again, she has forgotten to take the wallet.


8:00 am

Pisces wakes up and she finds out that her roommates locked her in the apartment.


boomkats pole camp
boomkats pole camp

What is YOUR astrological sign?

Mine is definitely Virgo and I can totally relate with the description above AND also with the beautiful illustration.

What about you? Your favorite illustration or sign? I’d love to know, so comment below 🙂


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