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Marion Crampe interview – Part 2

Her Bendy shapes

This is the second third of the interview with Marion.
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You’ve almost become a contortionist! Many pole dancers, especially when seeing you, fell under the call of the sirens of flexibility and they get injured because we all know that pole isn’t so innocent and very kind to our bodies.

But compare to real contortionists I’m like “baby flexible”. There is lack of information about flexibility so people are seeking ways to get there too fast. It took me a long time to become flexible although my body type is meant more for bending than for being dynamic and strong. Which is completely okay. We’re all different – some people are meant for sprints and some for running marathons. Nowadays there are a lot of amazing teachers around the world that can help you with flexibility and there are even lots of quality online lessons. So I think there are ways to prevent injuries, but you must also listen to your body. Many people get injuries while stretching or bending, but not because they stretch too much but because they don’t move enough.

For instance, what I bring to my classes when I teach is one type of exercises. Maybe the next day you’ll go to somebody else and this teacher will might tell you just the opposite of what you heard me say. But that doesn’t mean that one of us is wrong, it just means that we come from different backgrounds and have different body types. So I always recommend “take only the advice that you think is good for You”, whether it comes from me or from some other teacher. I always take what I feel is right for me and that makes my body satisfied.

And what I’m posting on Instagram is absolutely not a complete presentation of what I am as an artist and how I am as a person. Sure, I post pictures of my achievements but it took me years and years. Plus, when you see me on Instagram – that’s not me in the morning, okay?  In the morning, when I wake up, my feet are far from my hands and I need to warm myself up. It takes time to wake my body up and as I’m not flexible by nature, I cannot do a “Rainbow Marchenko” when I come out of my bed. And even an hour after I need some more time! What people see is only one kind of reality. A lot of them make assumptions that this woman was born flexible. No, absolutely not – and I understand that when somebody comes to my class can be afraid of moves that need bending. But at my workshops, we don’t do deep crazy flexibility and you will bend only what your body allows you and that’s ok.

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Photo credit: Katarzyna Milewska

Thank you for your thoughts, because in these days due to social media and our rush, everything that we see is perceived quite superficial.

Yes, it’s interesting! Many people that follow me on Instagram and then meet me in person, they’re telling me that they thought I’m different. But in reality, I’m very upfront, very rock’n’roll, I say a lot of bad words, I like to drink wine and I like to talk about everything and people are like “oh we didn’t expect that from you, we thought you were very like this and that”… but actually no, I’m supernatural, the same as I am in life with my husband.

On food and bullying

You are a role model to all pole dancers and one of the questions from pole community was also about your diet…

Hm, I really have no diet, I eat what I like and that’s it. I can’t give you any advice on that except listen to your body and eat what makes you feel happy and healthy. Definitely, I have some stuff that I don’t like – meat is one of the things, but it’s not about being vegetarian or vegan. It’s just that I don’t like it. Also, I’m not very into cakes and sweets. I prefer salty snacks like sushi or stuff like that. I eat healthy mostly because I like it, because it makes me feel happy. I like to eat tasty and quality food so when I’m traveling I try not to cut expenses of food.

What about proteins?

Oh, but there is not only meat! There are fish, eggs. I’m mostly pescetarian, but on the planet are so many different foods containing protein. But again, I eat what I like. Some friends of mine eat meat and some they don’t and they’re still super healthy. And it’s nice that we’re so different. Each body needs something else.

Did you ever have some problems due to your “gentle” body construction?

Yesterday we had a conversation about skinny bodies or better, about people who are perceived as skinny. Many girls are suffering from being too skinny their whole life and being bullied and accused of anorexia. I get many thank you emails from the girls who saw my videos as I’m kind of proof that “petite” girls also can get strong and that the pole dance is not an obstacle for them. I think there are a lot of girls and boys that are stigmatized as being too skinny and they have a trouble of gaining weight. The reality is that some people would love to be curvier and some to be skinnier. The most important thing is that you accept your body and try to run a healthy and happy life.

But people can be very insulting and bullying on the social media can be very easy. If something this happens to me I take the time to answer those people, not to be aggressive just to understand why they act like this. There was a girl who said to me that “You look like you’ve just come out of Auswitch”. I was like super shocked! We had a conversation and it came out that she has a lot of struggles with herself and now we are actually spending quite some time talking and I’m in a good relationship with her. So I understood her deep aggression.

But not all people will react the same way I did. Some might get very hurt. So it’s important to understand that we are all very different and that the beauty lies in the differences. And that’s the beauty of pole dance… because I think it’s one of the few communities that you’re accepted as you are, no matter what shape of body you have. And  I am completely sure that those kind of comments that we get are not from people from the community, I know that.

Usually, those people are not satisfied with themselves nor with their lives and that’s their reaction…

Yes, for sure, but I don’t care, I just want to say to the girls and the boys having this kind of struggle that “Don’t give a fuck”, you know. If your opinion is not nice, then you should put your opinion in a paper, put it inside yourself and leave it there. So don’t go around saying bad things. I don’t care about your opinion if it’s not constructive.

– End of Part 2 –

You want to know what are her thoughts on being an influencer? Then stay tuned for the third and last part! Coming up next week!

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