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Marion Crampe interview – Part 3

Being an influencer

This is the third and last part of the interview with Marion.
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It’s quite popular among young Instagram pole dancers nowadays to be an ambassador. You yourself are Lupit Pole brand ambassador and before that Bad Kitty’s. But being an ambassador has some responsibilities. So what are your thoughts about that?

I have changed very much and gained a lot of experience since my early days. At the beginning it was a huge thing for us, pole dancers, to be recognized by bigger brands and to be a part of it. I’ll always be grateful for the confidence that those brands gave me.

Nowadays I’ve decided to be a part of Lupit pole brand because of many different reasons, main being the spirit of the brand.

A true athlete is working very hard to create content. And that also taught me my husband’s friends, who are professional cyclists. I spend hours to make one post on Instagram. Usually, it takes two to three hours depending on my idea, if I want to do something very clean or if it’s a freestyle… I put an effort to make something nice, I edit the video with the right music and so on.  It takes time so it’s not an option for me to make videos for a free sample. Most of the time it’s professional collaboration with the brand and it’s mutual.

I’m thirty-four years old and I’m not going to be able to bend my whole life so I have to take care of my future. I give value to my experience and to work I do. Many brands have put trust in me and it has been very successful for the ones that I had collaborated with.

I think being an ambassador is much more than the fact that you receive free clothes. I have enough clothes and if I need something I just buy it. So most of the thing you see in my videos is not the collaboration. So I’m not asking for the free product, I buy what I like and don’t wait for any presents.

Sometimes I receive proposals to increase more likes and followers on my Instagram profile but I prefer to have organic followers, people that I actually met. Maybe when you have a million followers then you change the game because you can get paid a lot of money to make a single post. But that doesn’t mean that you’re going to win a competition, it doesn’t mean that you’re a better artist… Some amazing artist they don’t even have an Instagram account!

What I’m saying now is just my own opinion. It’s not the only one and there are probably people that will not agree with what I’m saying and it’s completely fine, as long as there is a win-win situation for both sides.

I shop stuff on my own, but maybe some girls can not afford it. So being a brand ambassador is a way to get a nice clothing in return for some nice pictures and that’s it. I think there are a million situations like this, it’s just in my situation at the moment this is the way I see the things.  But sometimes I help people and collaborate… well, not collaborate but I participate.

I don’t follow absolutely only pole dancing on Instagram, I follow a lot of other artists. Last month, for instance, I ordered clothes at one specific artist. She’s a painter (and a pole dancer) and after sending me the sketch, she painted me a very beautiful, specific clothes. So I think this is a very nice way to give back to an art in another way.

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Photo credit: @rhaul for Vertice

Pole on Olympics

It seems that pole dance will become an Olympic discipline. So are you like super excited or do you think pole dance will lose some of its charms… because a huge and important part of pole dancing is expressing yourself who you, and competitions can ruin this a bit. You once said that one should train because she or he feels happy and not to be the best…

Well, when you train for what you want, and if you want to be the best, that’s fine, as long as you know what you want. I think there is a space for everyone and no one is going to lose anything being at the Olympics. Pole dance is also evolving as a sport and this is a part of its journey. And it’s normal that some people like to train for competition because they want to show all the tricks they have dreamed doing. Some people want to pole dance because they just like to dance and some people do it for treating some disease, some people do it because it’s just the way they like to be, with heels on, with heels off… Whatever you like to do, boys and girls here is a space for everyone.

On strength and weakness

What do you think is the best way to find yourself and express that in your movements? That was one question from the pole community…

Mostly, with all those social media, we follow and look at each other a lot. So I think people are a bit conditioned and they unconsciously move the way another person moves. We are so inspired by each other that rarely is created something new. Many times the moves are just the reproduction of something that you saw somewhere, or somebody told you something and that inspired you.

It takes a long time to find your own self in movements and it takes maturity and experience. So yeah, spend less time on Instagram and more time with yourself and just go trying.

What’s your proudest moment away from the limelight?

I don’t know really, there so many… Let’s say that I’m proud of where I am today, now. I have accomplished all I have been through. I’m really pretty proud of where I am now… happy, healthy and loving and loved and also hated probably (laughs).

What would you say is your greatest strength and maybe your greatest weakness?

Hm, I think discipline is both … my strength and weakness. The discipline was difficult for me, it has been my weakness for a long time because I didn’t know how to balance it… I was too deep inside and I was missing the freedom in it. But today I understand how discipline should be and that’s why probably it became my strength and I’m really happy to conquer it.

And love! I believe in love, I have love, I’m receiving a lot of love and I also give a lot of love, so probably this is also my strength.

Purpose in life

As we discussed before, we both believe that everybody comes with a purpose in their life, so what’s yours?

I think my purpose is probably quite universal… to be happy with myself and then with others. To be the best version of myself and to be the best version of myself when I’m with people.

New Year has gone by. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions or you’re just taking the life as it goes?

The year 2017 has been amazing for me although there were hard times included. And this is the same ongoing thing that we humans experience. Just like planets are circling around, also the bad AND the good stuff is in front of us, every day, every month and every year. So actually, I don’t say many “Happy New Years”, because I firmly believe we should be happier in the “Now”.

Marion’s advice to you

Please, one more thought of wisdom or your advice before saying goodbye… What advice would you give to a (young) person about life?

Well, it’s something that I’m still learning, you know…

… that it’s okay to disagree with people, just communicate if you have something to say. If you disagree with things it’s fine – we cannot think the same way because we all come from different backgrounds, different culture. The things you might say can offend someone and make somebody else laugh because we all see things differently.

I think it’s important to stay the way you are and to believe that it’s okay. To be happy with yourself, even if you think you’re weird, because when you accept yourself I promise you, people will accept you. They won’t have any choice because it’s the way you are. And if they won’t like you then they won’t come into your life and that’s fine. There are a million other people who will appreciate you more!

I thank you, dear Marion, on behalf of myself and on behalf of all pole dancers for taking the time for us and thank you for all your wise thoughts.

If you are a part of the pole community, trust me, you’re in a beautiful one with the most amazing people. And if anyone wants to write me and to ask me some more questions I’m always willing to answer anyone. I’m taking the time for you because it’s also a part of my journey. Thank you so much, everyone… to all who come to my classes, who comment on my pictures, my videos and to everyone who shares pole dancing. Thank you so much!


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